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Last updated 2/23/2021

Welcome to the Copter royale Wiki!

Before we begin, let me tell you a bit about the wiki!

This wiki was formed in June 2020. It started off with about eleven pages, and is still building up.


At the moment, there are 99 articles and 164 files in this wiki. Help improving it by editing a page or uploading a file!

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How to use this wiki

First: This is not a rule booklet for copter royale. It has suggestions and descriptions but you do not have to follow them.

Second: Please create an account! You can edit without one, but it is suggested you have one.

Third: Please read through these pages:

Blocking Policy

Rules and Guidelines

Unblocking Policies

Page Formatting




What is copter royale?

Copter Royale is a online survival shooter game. Similar to and, your goal is to be the last person left. You can level up and unlock skins by killing other copters and surviving for a decent amount of time. You can find more about this at Levels.

What can I do on the wiki?

You have lots of choices:

  • Earn badges by creating, editing, adding pictures, etc to pages.
  • You can interact with other users through message walls and comments.
  • You can arrange PVP with players through message walls and comments.
  • You can discuss things about copter royale and similar topics in Discussions
  • You can make announcements, ask for playing advice, etc through comments, message walls, and discussions. Remember to keep it on topic with the page if you are making a comment.

What can I not do on the wiki?

Unfortunately, the list is pretty short however they are mandatory that you not do.

  • Badge farming: Editing, and undoing your edit to gain badges. You will still get the badge, however you may be blocked.
  • Vandalism: This means adding inappropriate information to the wiki. Notice I didn't say incorrect. Cite your sources if you can with the book button. You will be blocked if you vandalize
  • Please view the Rules and Guidelines and the Consequences for more information on this.

How should I make a page?

Making page is allowed, however you must consider these things

  • Is the page I am creating on-topic with copter royale?
  • Is this topic already covered on another page?
  • Do I have the necessary skills to add, edit, and save a page? Do I need to ask for help if not?
  • Will creating this page get me blocked or warned?
  • Have I read over the Page Formatting guidelines and understand them?
  • If you think that your page does/doesn't apply to these please take the steps to change/create your page.